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Located: Ladysmith Wi.
I have NO love for flying insects, if winter was not an option I would not live here, the colder the better
NH TC 40,MFD,16LA fel, Hd bucket, forks, KK box disk/harrow, KK landscape rake, post hole digger, 7'back blade, 2 btm plow, corn planter, sprayer, old field cutivator, woods 6ft rotary mower, kk 6' box scrapper, KK 6' tiller self made carryall, self made 3pt trailer reciever and engine hoist . Hybred 8N/9N ford restore project going on right now also. Garage just got real full real fast this year.
160 acres, 18 in ag. small pond. Making fire wood and hunting is what the woods is used for besides enjoying the wild life. The ag part is slowly expanding as I am working on clearing old fields for new agricultural uses.
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